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How do I take care of my stone?

One of most frequently asked questions people who have had a natural stone product installed in their home is “Ok how do I take care of it?” Just by following some simple precautions, proper sealing guidelines and using the correct cleaning methods and products, will insure a lifetime of use from natural stone.
The best care you can give your natural stone is a simple cleaning routine on a regular basis.

There are a lot of cleaning products out there. The safest cleaner recommended you’re your stone is a ph balanced stone soap. Avoid any cleaners with acids, vinegar, bleach, ammonia or siliconates. Drying the surface after washing will leave great natural finish.

Understanding what type of stone you have will dictate the use of sealers. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if you decide to apply your sealer. If there’s any doubt consult your local stone restoration professional of fabricator.

By taking some preventative measures you can avoid scratches and cracks. By using rugs and mats in high traffic areas, making sure furniture have protectors (chairs especially) using coaster and trivets will help.

So here’s a few “Do’s and Don’ts”

The DO’s

Always use preventative cleaning measures.
Always follow manufacture's guidelines while using sealers.

Always call your stone restoration professional if you have any questions.
Always put coasters, trivets or mats while putting something on a stone surface.

The DON’T”s
 Do not use any hard cleaners that contain acid on any natural stone
 Do not use vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general-purpose cleaners
 Do not use abrasive cleaners and alkaline cleaners not meant for natural stones

By following just a few simple steps and having a good cleaning routine will insure that your natural stone will look great for years to come.

 Be sure to contact your stone restoration professional for advice on cleaning, care and maintenance.

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