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Does Granite Need To Be Sealed? PDF  | Print |

Technically speaking, it is not necessary. Prior to 1995, with so few quality-penetrating sealers available, it was extremely uncommon for granite to be sealed prior to installation as countertops or even floors. If the homeowner properly cleans their natural granite countertops after food preparation, there is little reason any sealants should be necessary.

Proper cleaning of granite is as simple as using ph7 stone soap and then dry it to keep it shiny. With daily cleaning, as you would do with any countertop, there will be little if any staining issues.

Most factories these days do use a resin treatment on the granite, after it is cut away from the block into slabs or countertops. Although it is not necessary to do so to all stones, this is done primarily to assuage the consumer that stone stone is suitable for use. Consumers tend to seek out perfection in every aspect of homebuilding and decorating. What are actually natural characteristics of the stone, the consumer sees as blemishes or flaws. By using a resin treatment at the factory, many of these characteristics can be altered.

In a society that is always looking for the best possible return on it’s investment, granite, sealed or not, will outlast most of our lifetimes. In most cases, it will be the last countertop surface you ever purchase for your kitchen or bath. A natural product, with minimal care requirements, which has lasted for centuries, is beautiful and widely sought by home buyers and builders, sealed or unsealed, natural granite is an outstanding investment in the future of your home.

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